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Freeplay is a necessary component of reconstructed martial arts, and a lot of fun too. The following demonstration bouts took place at WMAW 2009 and 2011, and VISS 2011, with our founder, Guy Windsor, fencing with his colleagues.

  • Longsword Freeplay:

Guy Windsor and Bill Grandy, WMAW 2009:

Guy Windsor and Bernard Emmerich, WMAW 2011

  • Sword and Buckler Freeplay

Guy Windsor and Roland Warzecha, WMAW 2009

Guy Windsor and Roland Warzecha, WMAW 2011

  • Rapier Freeplay

Guy Windsor and Puck Curtis, VISS 2011

  • Backsword Freeplay

Guy Windsor and Paul Wagner, WMAW 2009