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Some students, usually those that have travelled far to train with us, have conditioning exercises made in their honour, and usually to address their specific needs.

  • The Ken (and the baby Ken): Forward roll, push-up, backwards roll, push up; repeat both sides. Baby Ken has roll-and-up exercise instead of the full rolls.
  • The Chris Chak: Forward roll, push-up, star-jump; backwards roll, push up, star jump; repeat both sides.
  • The Robin: push-up: kick through right, piush-up, kick-through left, leap up and yell HUZZAH!
  • The Kliment: Designed to assist with balance, core body stabilisation, lower back strength

  • The Neal: A little exercise to stimulate body and mind in between writing stints
  • Eurythmic push-ups: or, the John Eure. 11 push-ups: 3 on 3 knuckles, 2on 2, 1 on 1, and back down.